Torch can not destroy banners

Bombs ans torches can not destroy banners. I think bombs should be able do that because… they are bombs after all. And it would not destroy the balance because bombs are scarce and valuable resource. So it seems like a fair trade.
Torches can not destroy the banner as well. I think it should be able to, as it can be used as a weapon after all. It is natural for a player to presume he or she can use it to hit a banner in a pinch. Sometimes this delusion can mean a defeat so please, fix it

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Would be really nice if ranged in general could destroy them, just give them a lot of resistance or something.

Or that they wont block ranged attacks, I had so many headshot blocked because that little pole blocked it

Don’t know about range attacks, it would probably make it a bit easy. But I can definitely see the bombs do it

Banners share the same characteristics as doors and barricades, it seems.
Nice re-using of existing code. :smirk:

But you can destroy a door with range though

Yes, they appearently did thought of that, but you can’t destroy doors with torches, too, so at least similarities.

Bomb and strongest ranged weapons should can destroy it.

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