Too Many Buffs, not Enough Space

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In Vermintide 2 (Without Mods Installed), there are indicators showing how many buffs you have got. From potions to career specific abilities, to enhancements. All of which are shown on the bottom left of the screen. But it only shows 5 of them at once. Whether it was for neatness or if it was unintended to ever have more than 5 buffs at once, I am not sure.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Find ways to theoretically have 6+ buffs at once (Reikland Reaper, Blade Barrier, Helborg’s Tutelage, Paced Strikes, Swift Slaying, Walk it Off all for Kruber/Merc), or just chug all three potions at spawn out in the training yard and just find a way to get three more buffs. You’ll find that only five buffs are showed at a time. Once one buff finishes, any other unfinished buffs will take its place.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    100% of the time, given the steps to reproduce the bug are in effect
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Yep, it’s a problem… anyway you can try UI tweaks mod.

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