Toggle to aim option - Tiny change, huge impact for community

It’s a very small thing, but for a lot of less well able people toggling to aim is essential.

Not having toggle to aim when using a mouse can be very pressuring when aiming down a sight, friends I have known suffer from carpal tunnel as well as RSI on a regular basis, sometimes from games which force them to hold mouse buttons down in this way.

There is a lot of shooting in Dark Tide so having a toggle option would be huge.

I know its a very small thing but it would help out the community a lot if you could please add a toggle to aim button, rather than holding to aim.

Thank you - I’m sure others feel the same.


Toggle aim and aim sensitivity are required, but missing from the game.


Please add option for toggle aim, thanks!


Any news from fatshark about this suject? its mandatory for me …

For the love of all that is holy, FatShark:

please add ADS toggle :pray:

I do not use toggle, but fully support and would love for my toggle brothers and sisters to have it.

It just makes sense.


Darktide is way behind many other FPS in terms of how it feels to use guns and this is just a small part of it. Praying to fatshark