Toggle aim option missing, will the full release include it?

One of my biggest complaints with the Beta was that there was no way to toggle your aim and I’ve actually made an account just for this.

So, will the full release include this option?

Personally I really don’t like having to play without and an option like this should be standard in any FPS with ADS on PC, especially since some classes in Darktide are much more focused on longe range combat and precise aim than previous installments. It doesn’t really matter when playing on console/with a controller because of its triggers but it obviously does when playing with mouse and keyboard. I’m new to this franchise, the Beta won me over (and its dark tone, lore and etc.), and I’m planning to get this game on release but this will all depend on the inclusion of the ability to toggle your aim when using ADS.

And you may say it’s obvious this will be included but it isn’t a given for all games. So, pretty please include this option in Darktide’s full release. The more options, the better and there is absolutely no reason to exclude this from the game.



Guess I will have to wait a couple of months after release before they patch exotic options like this into the game. Ah well, got enough to play anyway.

its not an “exotic option” its just one basic feature that every game have, and to be honest there is little chances i play this game if this option is absent.

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I could not even aim in the beta because there was no mouse sensitivity option, unplayable for me

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Please add option for toggle aim, thanks.


Yes, please add the toggle option for ADS and the Double Tap for dodge / dash.
It will life saver for some players.



I never use hold aim


any news from dev about this topic???

Has there been any official word on this yet? If they have no plan of adding it, I need to know if I need to refund the game on steam or not. Toggle ADS is an essential feature for me.