Accessibility Option: Toggle ADS

I don’t usually write in forums but this is something that I feel should be added to the game!

I think this option would really be appreciated by quite a few people who might have difficulty playing the game. Some people get wrist/hand pains when having to hold the right click to aim and it would really help them to make this game more enjoyable for more extended periods of time.

I know this has been posted before but since the new update came out I just wanted to raise awareness again!


last time i played a game with no toggle ADS was The Division, first 4 month of the game.

we have asked for it from the closed beta for darktide , yet no.

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Fatshark has said before that this would break their code, something about it “messing with how chaining attacks work.” Lmao. Spaghetti code.

Supposedly they’re “investigating.”

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Oh, I have not read that, sorry if that was already addressed!

I really hope they will find a way to maybe implement it somehow. My friend has a hard time playing more than a few rounds without having to take a break to rest their hand because of it. I know things are not as easy as we probably imagine but it would be really nice.

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Bump. Lack of toggle ADS really bothers me. It negatively affects my aim and I just find it uncomfortable. I happen to enjoy Lucius lasguns but I end up not using them very often because I can’t stand to have to hold down both mouse buttons so frequently.

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