Add toggle ads please

Holding right click is annoying.


Offical show of support for this friendly request. c:

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Hello Fatshark, please add this basic feature back into your game, toggle for crouch and other features would be most welcome as well. Thank you!

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I have Carpal tunnel syndrome/wrist problems so I struggle holding down right mouse while left clicking at the same time! + Sometimes using auto guns the ADS would randomly stop unscoping then rescoping after which throws me off completely!

(Inconsequentially I am still having BUCKET Levels of fun!)

Toggle crouch is in the game already, AKAssassin?

I support that.


Yes Please, I cannot play atm as i get cramps from holding down the sight. Generally in other FPS games I use the toggle feature. In the meantime anyone know of a way to fudge this feature on?