Today's community update isn't a community update. It's an advertisement for seasonal content and a delay announcement disguised as an apology letter

I wasn’t trying to stir anything up there, I’m just seeing people call it an apology I’m not seeing any words in there that suggest it is supposed to even be interpreted as one, let alone overtly being one.

I understand that a lot of people expected or wanted one, but that isn’t one and I’m unclear about why people think it is.

I’m not really fussed about getting or not getting an apology, personally.

Curious. I bought that years ago and I have about 2 hours in it because it was impossible to find people to play with outside of discord, which I avoid like the plague. Maybe it’s time to check it out again.


Game is thriving and it’s best it ever was. HUGE changes and tons of content added in last 2 years. Different game and there is a lot players, vets and new ones now.

If there is any co-op game now that is player friendly life service game worth its money that is being made soley to be fun: it’s Deep Rock Galactic. Obviously we had some in past like L4D or TF but currently it’s DRG imo.

Not to mention they have great weapon and class balance while still being very challenging on highest difficulties. Chef kiss.

And obviously ALL NEW CONTENT IS FREE. There few cosmetic DLC packs to buy (direct purchase from steam, no premium currency BS) but it’s like 5-10% of all cosmetics becasue everything else is in game for free.


I am cynical enough to believe you.
There have so many games that actually died despite Developer promises for me to believe something as cheap as words. Show us, Fatshark, that you give a damn.

I neither intend to defend fat shark nor crap on DRG, but they have to operate on completely different levels. DRG content is much cheaper to make, and the company has a fraction of the size. So they don’t have to monetize as much, they’re drowning in money.

In my country we say “plan to do as much as you are able to achieve” (more less, hard to translate). DRG devs know how much they can do and deliver with what they have. They didn’t overpromise or anything. Fatshark still doesn’t understand they are no able to deliver what they promise each time. It’s time for them to scale down to where their real capacity and skill level is and focus on quality vs quantity.

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Unlike Darktide, the developers actually put effort into it and instead of losing 90% of its player base over the course of a month it has been gaining players instead.

Absolutely do so! I only found out about DRG through the botched DT beta/launch, when people started spamming Discord with “ROCK AND STONE” whenever the servers went down, been hooked ever since.

It’s a great game with a wholesome community (ignoring the very rare exception), can only recommend it.