[Tips and Info] Bardin

PATCH: 4.6

  • Remove DMGR lowering Vent damage

Leading Shots Heat Sink fixed?

Yeah I was confused about that patch note. From my experience leading shots + Hunter already worked as expected, so Heat Sink is also all I can think of that could have changed. If anyone works out what exactly this patch note did I’d love to know.

No change. Both the Channeled Flame and burst doesn’t work.

So what did that change actually do exactly? Lol.

Also wait heat sink isn’t working even on LMB bursts? Cause I could swear that it used to work for that. Very strange.

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Ok it doesn’t do anything full stop.

I didn’t read the comment section, so apologize if someone else has already answered these :slight_smile:

Does Cooldown Reduction on Trinket reduce the time it takes to reload?
It does nothing on Engi. The cd GK/FK provide are Cooldown Regen, which are same as Engi crank buff/different from Cooldown Reduction, work with Engi.

Do Shrapnel or Explosive Ordinance still work with the Trollhammer Torpedo or was it patched? (training dummys numbers show no difference)
Grenadier and Shrapnel both work. Dummy don’t take Shrapnel damage increase.

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Straightforward Bardin question. Does engineer’s armor pierceing slugs affect the drakefire pistols in any way and if so how?

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:fire: :shield: :heavy_check_mark: :rat: :rat: :rat: :x:

:fire: :shield: :rat: :rat: :rat: :heavy_check_mark:

It generally allows all types of shooting to pass through Elite Armoured enemies or close enemies with high Mass, which you can’t usually shoot through.

It makes the primary shots Cleave once through every enemy, including Armoured. I’m not sure how this effects the normal cleave (without Armour Piercing Slugs).

It makes the Right Click Shotgun Cleave through Elites and armoured enemies, allowing you to AoE enemies behind them.


  • It helps Cleave through to Specials inside Hordes or high Density
  • Allows shotgun blast to go through Elites, including Shielders
  • Allows shooting to go through Bosses (not very useful with this gun due to it’s effectiveness at range (damage/accuracy)


  • Doesn’t really make Horde clear any better with Left Clicks, due to low damage, accuracy and Overcharge (even with headshots in linear Horde situations)
  • Left Clicks increased Cleave against Elites isn’t worth it, due to extremely low damage
  • Doesn’t really increase it’s main use and strength, the shotgun blast
  • Shotgunning through Elites/Shielders is it’s most useful function, but this has a low uptime compared to simply running Crit/Hunter and Combined Arms
  • Shotgunning multiple Elites still does low damage, due to it being DoT damage

My personal opinion, having tried this with a couple of builds, is that it’s not really worthwhile, unless you want it to improve your Crank Gun.

Essentially, the enemies you would hit with it, could have been hit without, with decent positioning, and the extra enemies you can hit (armoured), take little damage from it.

Both Leading Shots and Armour Piercing Slugs are weak with Drakefire Pistols. Combined Arms with Crit% and Hunter is best. Sadly they’re not that impactful on him. Dual Hammers and Drakefires can still do really high sustained damage though.

Armour Piercing Slugs is worthwhile on:

  • Shotgun (Specials through Hordes and double headshots for ammo)
  • Flamethrower (likely the best choice on Cata+, not worth it below that)
  • Trollhammer Torpedo (broken build with double explosions)
  • Masterwork Pistol (Mow down Elites)
  • Handgun (mainly to make Crank Gun better due to Handguns low Sustained)
  • Crank Gun

Question about Dual Axes:

Is there any Stagger breakpoints at all?

I’m running Opportunist, Chaos/Chaos/Armour and have WPoS 25% Stagger bonus, and still can’t interrupt attacks from Maulers and Chaos Warriors, with full stacks and heavys.

Once again, my stagger bible:

Stacks of what? You’re aware Trophy Hunter is just damage so doesn’t affect stagger or cleave yeah? Actually just realised your Slayer guide has an error there by treating Trophy Hunter as power. 99% sure it’s just a damage bonus. Lack of raw power bonuses is probably the single weakest aspect of Slayer TBH.

Only access to raw power Slayer has is Skull Splitter and, oddly enough, Dawi Drop, which is a ginormous raw power boost while airborne, but obviously very impractical to use well.


Oh yeah, I misread it. I think GK’s Power stacks tricked me into thinking both was Power.

It makes a lot more sense that even with that setup, it didn’t Stagger anything. It feels really weird. lol

I’ll give it a go.

Should have made my intentions a bit clearer. I was trying to see if I could make the Move Speed build more safe with Stagger stacking.

Move Speed Greataxe with Grimnir’s Focus, spamming Heavy Attacks may actually be decent. Gonna test.


Regarding running Opportunist on Slayer generally I think it can be pretty nice on Greataxe. You get the following stagger breakpoints assuming you’re also running skull splitter:

  • Interrupt all SV attacks even with light attacks
  • Interrupt all Monk attacks with heavy attack
  • Interrupt all Mauler attacks even with light attacks
  • Interrupt all Bestigor attacks even with light attacks
  • Interrupt all Wargor attacks even with light attacks
  • Interrupt Chaos Warrior light attacks even with light attacks

Plus some interrupt elite light attacks with push breakpoints I can’t be bothered listing. Debatable if it’s worth the loss of SS since Greataxe kinda fiends for attack speed, but can be a nice option depending on your second melee weapon.

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