Time Gated Objectives Feel Bad

I believe most people will agree with me that time gated objectives do not feel good, especially for people who play a game for many hours. For this reason, the contract refresh taking 3 real life days really dampens my enjoyment of the game.

Currently, contracts are the main opportunity to acquire high quality equipment, being that the armory only ever has blue rarity items at best. Because I have completed all of my contracts, I now have no ability to earn the related currency needed to earn higher quality gear.

I recognize that crafting will be in the game in the future to offer additional gear acquirement opportunities, however, the additional objective of contracts makes playing missions on repeat more appealing. It gives me the good brain chemicals when I turn in a contract, especially a really hard one with a large reward.

My request/suggestion is this: There’s no reason to put a timer on contracts. Let us complete the set of contracts at our leisure and receive new ones when they are available.

Just like in Vermintide, my goal is to obtain full sets of the highest quality gear with all the appropriate traits and properties that I can find as I experiment with builds. At the moment, I’m finding my efforts completely frustrated by an artificial timer that doesn’t represent anything significant

P.S. I love Darktide; Fatshark you guys are amazing!

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They are weekly contracts. The refresh is only now 3 days becaue the beta didnt start on monday. Even people who only play like 2 hours a day at most should be able to finish all 5 contracts in a week.

There’s no reason to have a time limit on the contracts in the first place, or to have a limited number of contracts available each week. Why am I being time-gated on progression like some free to play mmo? I paid $40 for this game. The time it takes to complete these contracts should be enough.

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At least you got your contacts completed, I finished all but one. I kept getting impossible tasks trying to cycle them and it gets comically pricey. The my current one was for the non existent Smelter level and gathering 12 scriptures on it.

  1. You can re-roll your contracts for money.

  2. Contracts arent progression. You dont need them per se. Of course its assumed that it will be the best source for red weapons eventually, but if you cant take your time to finish 5 relatively easy contracts in a whole week then you also do not need red weapons.

If you arent aware by know, this game will most likely be extensively grindy, since Vermintide 1 and 2 were extensively grindy as well. You will most likely have to spend a considerable amount of time just to get one character maxed out with just one loadout.

Being able to reroll contracts is not a bonus, its expected. It is the bare-minimum functionality I would naturally assume is included in this kind of optional quest-reward system.

You claim that contracts aren’t progression, and then immediately afterwards speculate that it will be the best way to get the highest level weapons necessary to complete the hardest missions. If that isn’t progression I don’t know what is.

You also continue to misunderstand or ignore the complaint with having 5 and only 5 contracts available per week. Some people can complete all of them in that time frame, some can’t, but that should not matter. If someone completes 5 contracts before 7 days, then they should just get some new ones. If someone can only complete 1 contract, their progress on the rest of them shouldn’t be erased.

Do you think this is good design? Do you like spending an inordinate amount of time grindings levels and gear just to play a new character? Maybe you downloaded the F2P version of Darktide so this seems like a higher-return time investment than Warframe or World of Tanks?


Red items were never necessary to beat the hardest diffuclty. Right now the hardest difficulty can already be beaten with blue rarity weapons. Red items, if in the game, are luxury items or status symbols if you will. They may also have maxed out propertie stats, but again, those will also be reachable with orange items.

If the design is good or bad or even matters at all is all dependent on weapon rarity acquirement. If red items or even just orange and purple items can only be acquired through the contract shop, then this is going to be a huge desaster and the system will be changed eventually. If the rarities can be acquired elswhere, like through crafting, then the contract shop shouldnt really matter.

Right now the design is neither good or bad, because we lack informations. I simply save the currency until release and then i will see what i can do with it. If its bad, i am going to complain, though not specific about the contract system but about red items.

contracts should, indeed, not be timegated. its a stupid mechanic.