I'm just giving up because of the weekly contracts

I’ve been playing forza Horizon ever since release because the weekly objectives are very manageable. I can knock them out in a couple of hours or less. They keep me coming back every week.

The contracts here, though, have pushed me away from the game. I don’t want to give this game that much time every week. I have other things to do, other games to play. The bid to take all my gaming time is a failure. I want to do the contracts very badly, but if I can’t put that amount of time into them (not to mention having to lower the difficulty for some of them), then I’m just not going to play at all. And that’s where I’m at right now. I’ll come back to the game later if you drastically reduce the amount of time the contracts take.

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Just don’t do the contracts. There is no meaningful reward for completing them, it’s just something to work for if you have a lot of time and want a clear goal.


Yeah. You don’t have to do contracts. And you can reroll them as well.

It also helps to know that the “slay *** enemies ranged/melee” is team counted, so just doing a mission will clear out a big chunk, especially on higher difficulties.

I think people trying to do the “Complete 25 missions” is what makes the game a chore for me. I play to get scrips and mats, but those people tend to just speed-run the map. I’ve started blocking them in mission so I never match with them again.

i like it the way they are, except 2nd obejctive stuff that i allways swap, because too often not available at all or when people not doing them and you need all scipts or grims to make it count.

well i ave to say i dont try or even think of doing it for 4 classes every week, I actually play one class only and i will switch to the other occasionally for a week/ contract or two maybe. I once did it for 2 classes, but well the second needed me to play more to finish it than i wanted. 50 Missions in total per week is also for me a little bit to much.
But 25 is fine, because i actually dont play other games or very less.

like other said it’s not worth it to stress yourself. You can also do 2-3 tasks get the aquilas and when you do so for 2-3 weeks you would also have enough to one day when Melk offers something worthy to buy it.
I recently buyed a revolver and that was the first pruchase for like 3 weeks, i once buyed a curio and thats it. I have maybe buyed 3 or max 4 items from Melk on different chars in total since pre order beta.

For my one active class i need like 4 to 5 days playing 4-5 missions a day and yes that is much and like 3-4 hours per day. but i could play less and only 2 hours what is 3-4 missions and would be done in 6-7 days.
I think thats fair and people who like to put the effort in for 2 or even 4 classes, let them do it.
I btw dont play lower than Malice. Malice is my warm up, my i like to play cosy and not stress myself too much.
Some days i play Malice only and maybe try a Heresy at the end. Other days i play Heresy and try to find a viable pug for Damnation or i hop onto DC and search for a free slot in a premade.

There is a lot of game systems in Darktide which give you busy work which is NOT required and in fact can DESTROY your enjoyment from the game.


  • actively do penances / Steam achievements
  • hunt for a “perfect” in terms of stats weapon
  • obsess about completing ALL contracts for the extra token reward

None of that stuff is necessary for you to be able to enjoy the actual game or even to be competitive with many weapons.

Just pick a class you like, check the shops for items from time to time when you play and play the maps at whatever difficulty or conditions you find reasonable, enjoyable, whatever rocks your boat.
This is a game, not your job. What might be acceptable for some, isn’t necessarily for you. Just enjoy the mission gameplay, as this is the only aspect which is semi finished and worth your time.

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The weekly contract is another meaningless thing that needs rework.

Is it time consuming? Yes
Good reward? No
Always poop weapons in the limited offer? Yes

Nothing much to say.

Don’t pay attention to them.
Anyways they are buggued and considering FS rapidity, the bug (that forbid to complete several missions, all with complete secondary objectives) that forbids you to complete them won’t be fixed before 2032.

If i remember correctly, then the weeklies carry over to the next week. They´ll only reset if they´re done completely.

There is absolutely no need to force yourself to do them unless you´re some hardcoreplayer who spends all of them for more chances of good stuff.
All what they do is giving some more odds for good gear. Just play the game as you want… may check if you need books or a special map, but there is no reason to break them down every week.

For example i´ve completed them twice on my chars to have enough coins if something good shows up, that´s fine to me.