Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator - Unstoppable Specialisation?

" Unstoppable - A heavy charged attack mode, slow to set up, but resulting in a devastating hit."

So…after few dozens hours of playing with Evi, I’m still not sure what this is supposed to mean. Are fully charged heavy attacks supposed to do more damage? I don’t think its the same as Uninterruptible status, which supposed to make your attacks interruptible by getting hit.

My guess would be not more damage but more cleave. Essentially you can cleave a lot more than with other melee weapons.

Don’t start me on cleave and cleave damage on Evi…

Too late, I already brought it up. You have no choice now but to unleash your loaded up frustrations. :sunglasses:

My granny did more cleave damage by smacking children with a wet towel*

/* No children were harmed, it never happened.

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