Eviscerator not working like it used to?

I was in the meat grinder messing with the weapons and started doinking with the eviscerator, and I’m pretty sure I found a bug with it. I could’ve sworn in past updates you can rev the sword up before charging, and then do a heavy or light and it should shred the enemy with that bonus damage right? I have vivid memories of this. But when I try to do it now, revving before or even after charging the special rev wont work it just glides through the enemy really fast and doesn’t do the shredder thing. I only had time to mess with it in the meat grinder so I’m unsure if it does this in a mission or something, I don’t really have time at the moment to mess around with it more, but I hope this gets fixed because it was really cool to do on assassination missions or even just crushers and monsters and stuff. This is also my first time trying to use the forum idk if I structured this right or put it in the right place so I’m sorry if I did any of that incorrectly.

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