Tier 3 slayer talent - increased defence

It would be really useful to know what the is actually doing. What does it mean to that his defence increases per stack of his passive?


His passive is stacking maximum 3 times.
Each “stack” gives him bonus damage.
“bonus damage”+“bonus damage”+“bonus damage”= 3 stacks
Same with defence.
It can be 5% bonus defence with maximum of 15%
or it can be 10% with maximum of 30%

No one nows, there is no “warcraft”-like stat window, so all the numbers are just magic atm.

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“defence” is also vague. It could be dodge distance, stamina, stamina reg, push / block angle, HP, stagger / knockback ressistance, damage reduction. The last one is probably most likely. No way to test it effectively. I run with Oblivious to pain, so I don’t take that talent. If it is damage reduction, then it’s a big nonbo.
Besides, Adrenalin Rush is the best talent out of all of his talents, even better than the lvl 20 and 25 talents. Adrenalin Rush is king, followed by oblivious to pain, rest is just there.

It is 10% damage reduction per stack.