Thunder hammer next update

Just wanna say, I am sorry but even if the “buff” got through today, it does not solve a single thing that makes the hammer worthless. Ogryn just got the better version of the TH, literally without any of the issues TH has, but we still only get some miniscule flak armor buff?

Ogryn’s new weapon has basically the same moveset but it’s heavy attack cleaves while being charged (although it shoots out the charge immediately when it hits the first enemy, but it continues to cleave) and it shoots out an explosion that staggers. Meahwile the TH’s heavy attack stops after hitting any enemy and it’s light attacks do trash damage, just like unpowered attacks.


Yeah I think they are either going to need to give the thunder hammer’s charged hits an aoe blast like the mauls it is just too slow to and you can basically never get the special to hit what you want.

Alternatively they could make it so the charged hits cleave through weaker mobs like the power sword with the big powered hit only activating on enemies of certain types or mass. That way you can actually hit the mauler with the charged up hit and not get stopped by the random dreg that jumped in the way.


Yes, that!


I would hope for them to revert the backstep you suffer after using the TH charged attack but I wouldn’t say the ogryn got a better version, damage capacity seems far lower, no where near the one shot potential of the TH.

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Let’s demand to Ogryn nerf to match with zealot’s TH then.

Lights need more single target damage and armor penetration, not more cleave.

Look at Power Maul’s Heavy 1. Thunder Hammer’s lights should have that same kind of feeling.

Just copy the performance of Bardin 2h hammer into DT will make TH good enough. Light attack should be the main means to deal with armored enemies.

Yah, at least enough damage to one-hit trash mobs in the head ffs. Slowest ‘light’ attack in the game, and it takes two or three times as much time to waste trash. Also, considering using the special self-stuns, it really ought to have an aoe stagger or just a lot more damage so it’s worth taking the followup beating.

Thats the spirit. And exacly why i thought after all the zealot wine posts about the PS.

:rofl: Let’s make memes about zealot mains who whines alot.

Cleave while charged up might solve the issue (I dunno, standard cleave and when you hit anything armored it releases the boom or make it do some AOE like it actually does in the lore). Being able to charge heavy attacks while moving (and not just stand on the spot because you get 70% movement speed reduction for some dumb reason) would help a ton too.