Throwing Axe inflation in Chaos Wastes

In chaos wastes on cataclysm 90% of the time, I use a random weapon shrine for the second weapon slot, I’m getting throwing axes for the slayer. I tested it several times and I’m sure this can’t be coincidence.


Isn’t there a random melee and random ranged shrine?

So if your using random ranged there is only 1 option on slayer. I have a feeling thats what your seeing.

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Yes, there is. I’m specifically talking about the ranged shrine. As a slayer is allowed to carry melee weapons in the ranged slot that shrine should also give you randomly melee weapons for the second slot. But for one reason it gives you the throwing axe most of the time. I couldn’t figure out yet in which circumstances it also take melee weapons into account, because in rare cases it works.

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