Three changes bots desperately need

There are 3 changes that bots desperately need.

  • Use ranged weapons against specials if they are a certain distance away (especially if it’s a gunner or flamethrower rat) and don’t chase them a mile away.
    (This is the cause for like %95 of my solo wipes. Eg: I try to keep them off to the side as a patrol passes then a sorcerer appears in the middle of the patrol and all the bots are like “We better take care of that Life Leech immediately before it escapes!”)

  • Stop being suicidal and attempting to jump off cliffs to their death.

  • Prioritize helping players.
    (I am very rarely the one that goes down or hit by a special, but when I do I would like it if they came to save me instead of chasing a special or helping other bots.)

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The most important change that can be made to the bots is the ability to remove them entirely.

Add an option to remove some or all of them and scale the enemy’s numbers accordingly.

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