Bots need work

Bots need the following changes, they’re actually not even asking for much:

  1. when specials spawn bots should only attack them if they are in range. As they are, bots have a tendency to beeline for specials into hordes, SV, CW, getting themselves killed immediately.

  2. gas clouds, bots, when there are gas rats will run into clouds trying to attack the rat even if there’s a horde in front. This typically causes them to die instantly. In fact they will stay in the gas while attacking a horde even if you move away from the cloud.

  3. clipping into the player nonstop when using a ranged weapon. Bots have a tendency to always stand in front of a player, or to move in front of a player when they were not previously.

Bot behavior needs to change to not suicide because of a special spawn. The FF is annoying when they for whatever reason decide to move in front - say you’re on a balcony and they were behind you and previously stationary. Without any cause they will move in front of you causing you to hit them while you were waiting for that special to appear.