This ai director is a mess i think i will take a break

yes that’s all:

-HORDES/SPECIAL (4-5 spawn from nowhere (or in front of you)
-NO sounds

proof of that? just play champion run

Yeah, I will take a break from this game as well. Playing a run that is not ruined by bugs, the game crashing for host right before the end of a good run and no host migration, forcing you back to the beginning of the map, phantom swings still strong and EAC eating away at my CPU performance. has become a rarity these days. Red drops wouldnt be that much of an issue if you wouldn’t lose SO many loot boxes to things that are completely out of your control. Oh well, got my time’s worth out of it.

the spawning of mobs/patrols/bosses in your face or in plain sight a short distance around you is an immense issue, hopefully it’s really high on the list of things to fix, because it’s the main thing that’s not only immersion breaking but downright unfair, and probably causing a lot of wipes leading to people ragequitting the game.

Also played a round yesterdy on Convocation, where when we dropped through the hole, every single spawn was an elite, consisting of a bunch of maulers, 2 or 3 chaos warriors… AND TWENTY TWO MONKS.

Just had 4 disablers spawn on me while I was leveling Kruber in champion yesterday. I watched the two gutters spawn right in front of me.

There’s really something that starts happening on hosts where it seems to only want to spawn pairs of things…