Things i want to see in Vermintide 2


  • Duplicates on red items should only occur, when the specific hero already has at least one red version of all possible items for the specific hero obtained. Charm, Necklace and Trinket included.

  • Red items should have slightly stronger propertys than their orange versions.


  • The rarity of the item, should give the dust of its own rarity AND of all below its rarity. Green rarity gives green dust, blue rarity gives blue and green dust, orange rarity gives orange, blue and green dust.
    (This would solve the current problem in regard of the huge discrepancy of green and blue dust, which everyone will eventually experience. We shouldnt be forced to run maps without books to farm green items for dust, its tedious and not fun at all)

  • Illusions should be always available when extracted for the first time.

  • Get rid of the specific parts you need to craft weapons and trinkets. They are just pointless, scrap would be enough for crafting. Instead develope a system, where you can craft specific raritys when using scrap and dust.


  • Give us the quest board again. Use chests and buffs as reward.

  • Better rewards for Heroic Deeds. At least the legend ones should reward red items.


  • Detailed informations about the statistics of our heroes. You cant just implement an rpg like system and then refuse actual informations. At least show us the base statistics of every hero and explain in detail what every talent and passive does. We need numbers.

I am not entirely sure, why you didnt include things that were in V1 eventually, especially the whole thing with the red items. But since you fixed and improved V1, i am fairly sure you will do it with V2 too. I just dont want to wait one year, to get things that should have been in the release version. Again.

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Wow, I’ve gotten so few reds I didn’t even consider getting duplicates…

Agree with many of your points, especially about deed rewards. Deeds show lots of promise but they’re simply not worthwhile right now.

Solid points!

I think the deed system could be a good replacement for the contract board, if it’s improved from the current state. More deeds dropping + better deed rewards such as red weapons or higher chance for red weapons would go a long ways. Of course, having the deed system AND the contract board would be the best!

I think the re-rolling system for Crafting could also use some TLC. It would be nice to be able to keep current properties / traits when re-rolling - that is, make it like in V1 when you could roll for new things and then choose to keep the old ones or switch to the new. It’s frustrating to have properties that are good but not great, and have to give them up immediately to even start rerolling and maybe get stuck with something worse.

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