"There's a Mod for That" Praise for the Modding Community


I’m thankful for the modders doing awesome stuff.

But I’m also aware they are being taken advantage of by Fatshark.

99% of the mods should be already part of the game, and the mods save Fatshark from some of that criticism. The vast majority of mods are “no brainers” and make a big improvement to the game and quality of life.

The toughest pill of Fatshark’s mod policy, however, is that it leaves Fatshark in total control and power while also not being accountable for anything. They don’t “officially support/condone” modding, so any problems resulting from it isn’t Fatshark’s problem. But at the same time they retain the right to clamp down on it (or the players / mod users) for outcomes they don’t like at any time. They get all of the benefit with none of the risk or effort.


Its just pure chance that whoever started with Vet. There are plenty of descriptions that straight lie to us. Blessings, Perks, Feats. If Fatshark would finally start to write them properly, modders wouldnt be tempted to “fix” those by making them work like the description tells us it should.

It is going to happen in the future again. There is just too much bogus.

I wonder what happens if modders are able to fix the stagger override bug.

Prime example of missing the point

Praise to the Modding Community!
Love them

:grin: glad people enjoy the mods i make. just want to remind everyone that making mods is not the same as publishing a game

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