There should be less ammo in damnation

I do it backward. If I play any class I pick up ammo immediately if it wouldn’t overflow unless there is someone in yellow, then they will get it. Got into this habit while running a lot of plasma, and it seems to work. At least no one complained yet.

If someone is really inefficient and spammy at the same time (caught shotgun vet caught) they’ll only get some if they are the ones who find it.

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Kantrael shotgun can use lot of ammo, but agri is ammo efficient.
Also, it depends how you use it… headshots work great, but for that, sure you have to not spam all ammos on walls as I sometime can see. But tbh, this is rarely on damnation difficulty.

I must say that I run less out of ammo with shotguns. Maybe the fact I’ve learnt how to use the shotguns? but I use them with veteran (mainly the agri) and zealot (mainly the kantrael). As zealot, I rely more on my axe, as veteran i use a lot the special of agri. And it is, then, really ammo efficient.

I quoted the weapons that burn a lot of ammos. Boltgun in auto mode is the winner followed close behind it by the flamer and just behind these 2 there’s the stubber.

You haven’t seen the shotgun players I’ve seen. Spammy Bolter or Flamer got nothing on that. They run orange 2 minutes into the game.

On the same note, I found that both Bolter and flamer are pretty okay ammo-wise if used correctly. You can even do bursts (like 5-10 rounds) on bolter into shooter patrols to take them out quickly and it isn’t really a problem, or burn a full magazine to clear the enemies around 2 downed players and it’s still okay. Flamer mainly loses a lot of ammo mainly in events, but that’s kind of expected and I don’t mind.

They both do need pickups, but a haven’t seen a spammy Bolter vet or flamer zealot in months.

Totally agree… that’s why on boltgun I made the precision that problem occurs with people using it full auto all the time.
About flamer, yes when you meet someone that plays its class, there is no problem (= use its melee weapon)

I have published a video in the thread of PS where you see a chat full of “I need ammo”
It was a player that was using his bolter in full auto…
I have also seen one other like that these days… but sure this is rare.
Flamer users that spam flames are more common…

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I feel for you, I just don’t share this experience. I’m in the camp where if I see a flamer or a bolter it’s like a unicorn. I see more bolter on zealots than vets.

PS: I suspect a lot of zealot wasn’t running flamer because of how strong it was since the update I see them from time to time on HiD and HiD Specialist with semi-regularity, although they are pretty good players.

While we’re at it just take melee weapons away from players entirely. I hate watching people Adequately kill enemies at close range. It makes the game too easy.

I swear these threads are getting tiresome.

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Frankly lets take ranged weapons away from players too. They have to clear the entire mission by punching barrels.

I disagree, that would just make veterans feel more mandatory

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I don’t see the problem. Maybe you were un/lucky. In most of my Damnation games people can “use” their guns but not “spam” them, especially when there is no veteran in the party.

I’d like to see that as a modifier - the no guns part, not the barrels part. If that’d mean there would also be no ranged enemies, yeah, I’d play that.

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Same. Would be fun! Just to keep things varried.