There needs to be more visible Markers

There are too few markers in the game. I’m constantly struggling to find which is the right way to go and I’m constantly getting lost. Please fix this problem. I have no idea where “sector I-66 HL” is, just put a waymarker down for us so we can see where we’re going. There’s no waymarker until you’re literally right on top of the quest objective. I’ve found myself wandering around maps for like 20 minutes looking for the right directions to go.

From my perspective that could definitely be an optional accessibility feature, as the levels are so linear that finding a way was never really a problem for me. Would definitely appreciate not having a waypoint somewhere on my screen 100% of the time though.

Would appreciate more visible markers of what people are actively marking though.

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We dont need any wayponit markers, its a part of the gameplay of -tide games. Vermintides were the same, you have to get used to it and learn the level layouts. It will come with time.


The levels are extremely linear on the whole. Not trying to be rude but I have no idea how you can get lost. Turned around for a second, sure, completely lost? What.