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Even a simple label that cycles N, NW, et. al., etc. I find it easy to get turned around, especially in a town, a compass would go a long way. Would induce teamwork since I can tell people about items and hoards in a particular cardinal direction. (I know, people should be able to listen for hoards, but not everyone has a decent sounds system.) Could be a hud element to be toggled on/off. Any sort of directional indicator would be nice.

If it were to be a toggleable feature, I wouldn’t say no to it, but as a permanent fixture, more UI clutter is generally bad. This will get easier anyway when you learn the maps better and can recognize your location (and direction) at a glance, so it could be considered a point of learning.

I do know that some people have far more troubles with orientation than myself though, especially in games, so this kind of feature could be a good additional option for them. A mod could do the work too, I guess, but that would close out console players.

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First of all, you are presuming that the rest of the players know how to use the compass. Given the YOLO cases that we so often encounter in Vermintide I wouldn’t bet that they would:
a- look at the compass
b- know how to use it even if they look at it.
How many times have you typed something in the chat and nobody gave a :laughing: Now imagine the same thing with the compass.

For pointing and directing we have pings, silhouettes and the chat wheel. When it comes to hordes, it’s simple. If the rest/most of the party is facing the wrong way just yell BEHIND in the chat. It kinda adds to the atmosphere if you think about it; Your hero would actively shout and communicate with the rest of the U4 in regards to the enemy positioning and imminent danger.

aye, I just call out, from behind, front, etc. We use to use the waypoint mod to gather up for hordes with patrol pulled etc. But it hasn’t been working lately.

I don’t think a compass is that useful. The maps really only have 1 way forward, with some having two paths that separate only for a few seconds of movement before meeting up again.

The only maps this would really be useful on are Blightreaper and Hunger in the Dark for the dark sections. Every other map is brightly lit and it’s impossible to get lost once you have done them a few times.

Most people know how to use compasses. It is taught in elementary school in north america.

I think his point was more about if people can pay attention to it during intense action and process and use the info it offers. That’s kind of what I meant with “UI clutter” too: every element added to UI takes attention away from something else.

It also would be likely to enhance communication only on groups that already communicate, who rarely need it. The best use I can imagine is making learning the maps somewhat easier (but that might make one reliant on the compass for orientation and travel), and as an aid for those with worse-than-average (virtual) direction sense. As such, it would make most sense to either be a toggleable option, defaulting to off, and/or limited to lower difficulties.

I’d actually kind of like to see this as a mod first, to see how it really would affect things.

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I’ll respond to you in a private message :wink:

It’s also taught in the army, you won’t believe how many people in my company couldn’t land navigate. And you’d be shocked by how many didn’t know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west…

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Perhaps “mini-map” would be a more suitable option, again as an “OPT-IN” option as @Yzneftamz suggested. Would be a rough top down perspective of the immediate area, with markers showing the “doors” to the next area.
Lemme see if i can find a picture that will illustrate the idea:

I really like how navigation is handled in the game, with characters making callouts to help the player with which direction is the way forward, instead of the hand-holding symbols/breadcrumbs that Peter Molyneux basically made a stable since Fable.

I would have liked to see the maps have more routes as well tbh.

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