The way Sister BOT uses her ult makes her awful

The new SOTT is obviously a pretty great choice for a bot. Unfortunately she still uses her only tolerable ult (the wall is really terrible so lets not talk about that thing - imagine how much worse it is in the hands of a bot) - the aoe stagger one - in the same way as was useful for razorthicket.

Specifically this means she will instantly double ult disablers on sight (razor used to kill them midair) - this is actually terrible since it forces assassins to vanish once youre getting ready to intercept them, hooks and other specials get pushed away as you try to melee them, and all around its just a massive pain to deal with. Nevermind that this basically makes it so her aoe buff on 2nd ult is wasted all the time.

It would be great if she would only use the stagger on special targets when they are currently damaging a teammate (only once - not twice), use it to stagger bosses and stacks of elites.

The way she currently uses it is worse than if she would never use it at all.

Like i said the character has crazy potential as a bot teammate but not with the way her ult works right now.


yeah thats really annoying with her ult. But i dont aggree that this is her only tolerable ult (for bots yeah) but overall in my opinion tanglegrasp is also very nice.