The voice acting for the player in cutscenes sucks compared to in game and the character editor

The character monologue for each VA in the character editor is phenomenal , 10/10.

But during the cutscenes the player is animated and voice acted like a dummy, they say one or two words or grunt and barely respond, its really strange and makes the game appear almost JRPG-ish.

Get the voice actors back in and flesh out the player’s character for every cut scene! There is so much opportunity to build character and depth there!

And for that matter, improve the facial animation for the cut scenes, either give it to an animator to grind out, or Hire Janfon1! His facial animations are top tier!


For the male Loner it was definitely dave the intern doing an impression of male Loner in the intro. There needed to be way more sarcasm in “I’m a loyal subject of the throne!”, and more screeching.

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My friend and I have also noticed this is a strange break from what they have the resources to do.
Especially after hitting level checkpoints like 18 when you’re summoned to the Hangar.

Misozi insults the player for showing up, saying that they didn’t call you to be there… which makes very little sense, even by Warhammer 40,000 standards. You were told to be there. After you hit level 18 it’s the only option you can click on.
So either every one is just jerking you around, or it feels like your character listlessly wanders from place to place, with no direction or goal to prove themselves aside from asking others “can I help you” when it’s CLEAR that running missions is the help the inquisitor and his staff needs.

I, as a player, know that to make a name for myself I need to run missions, so why have my character wander about in their downtime aimlessly hoping to be told what to do?
Amazing voice actors have been hired, they bring a lot of excitement and life into the matches and flesh out the world around the player character.

I think that utilizing them more would bring a sort of special feeling to the players.
If we take Diablo III for example, it doesn’t matter what your character says, the NPC’s all reply in the same way - but that doesn’t feel bad or poor, because the dialogue works. It’s short, a few words at most, but it makes each character feel like they have purpose and reason for being there. That the character themselves has a goal, and not just the player grinding out missions for exp and loot.

It’s a little thing but it brings the story and atmosphere together and feels better to play overall.

Edit: I think the reason this stands out to me is because the rest of the game is so well put together. The voice actors are impeccable, and the sound design + music is superb. The lack of voice acting of your primary character in the cut-scenes stands out against it because of that.

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