The problem with total silence from the developer and the state of the game

Okay, so to begin this, I really looked forward to this game and have played Vermintide 1 & 2 quite alot, but love 40k even more, so when this game was annoyned, oh boy!
But… When I got into the closed beta, it was clear that the game was still in the early stages and people pointed this out, but still, they weren’t heard. And my friends and me were all in agreement, this game needed more time in development. They should push the release to summer instead and implement the features that were missing.

But the game released… And oh boy, the long list of missing features… I won’t go into details with all of them here, cause there are so many threads and reviews on Steam that point these out.
Vermintide 2 took years before it came to the state the game is in now, and it surely has had its ups and downs, but there are plenty of the features that could have been carried over, take the crafting system to pick an example or some. There was no need to try and reinvent the wheel.

But how can a developer not see, that releasing a game with this many features lacking will only hurt the game? Not aid it? Getting bad reviews on Stream is one thing, but alot of critics will review the game in its current state and won’t revise those reviews, which will just hurt the sales down the line?

But slow development is sadly nothing new with Fatshark, but whats really fustrating is the total lack of communication from them. There is just… Silence… And all we can see is the reviews and more and more people leaving… Overall on Steam the game is at a Mixed with 58% positive reviews and in the last 30 days a mixed with 44% positive reviews.
But where are Fatshark? Where are the developers?

The last announcement on Steam is from the 21/12-22… And on the forums 22 days since last Performance feedback and 14 days since last announcement…
This… With the state the game is at the moment, they simply need to communicate more. If not, people will turn their back on it. There are SO MUCH that’s missing from the game, still plenty of bugs and crashes, but there is just radio silence from the developers.
So please, Fatshark, if you wont have this game end up dead in the water, you need to communicate more and be faster with releasing features, cause as the game is now, people will end up leaving and the game will end up dead in the pile with the other heretics.


There have been other threads about the release date, but to be brief: It’s not always possible for a game to delay “until it’s ready.” Even though that would be nice.

Early communications made it sound like they weren’t expecting either as many stability problems during launch, or as much pushback on core systems.

That Magnuson dude decided that the launch went fine and he’s happy with how the game is received, so I guess we’re screwed.

I don’t see them turning things around anymore, not after this long of a silence. If they’re only looking at what the issue is now, then what are the chances of them implementing missing content AND delivering desperately needed balance passes?

It’s sad, DT had so much potential, but it was wasted because of some clown’s ego and unwillingness to admit mistakes.

Here’s hoping Space Marine 2 ends up being better.

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Maybe they do see (now), and are taking some time to do some actual fixing?
IMO not saying anything until they have a solid play, while frustrating, and maybe not the best customer service, is understandable.

I will judge them on the next updates in content / fixes, but until then, I just camp the armory extension here and there and put all my gametime into other product.

I’m sure most of the dev team would agree with these points but it seems to me like for one reason or another Fatshark was forced to push the game out as is to get a cash influx.

Can’t really know for sure what’s going on behind the scenes at FS but the pattern of overpromising, underdelivering, and going radio silent for months while they try to clean up the mess has been going on longer than VT1&2. Really disappointing that whoever makes the decisions over there seem unable to learn from past mistakes. They’ll probably manage to put a good complete game together at some point, but this is the last time I give them money before they actually do it first.

Though I agree with your point I think we should just let the devs do their job.
Having said that, I have uninstalled the game and don’t plan to return to it unless some drastic changes happen.

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