The problem with the right-click mode of the flamethrower

The problem with the right-click mode of the flamethrower

Before the right button mode of the flamethrower, there will be an action to unscrew the switch on the firearm.

At the end of firing, there will be a left handed fist smash down knob used to turn off that knob.

There is nothing wrong with the above, but if the berserker directly presses R to actively change the magazine, or shoot out of ammunition to replace the magazine, the berserker clearly did not do the action of smashing off the knob, but also need to unscrew the switch again to fire ammunition.

I think that since the switch on the gun was not turned off, there should be no action to unscrew the switch again.

A similar example is the automatic shotgun of Ogryn, when you hold down the right mode, a handle will pop up, if you press R to actively change ammunition, then the one that pops up will always be maintained and will not retract and pop up again.

By the way, isn’t the number of blessings a little too small for the fire-breathing staffs of psychics?

The staff class weapons don’t even have a blessing that can increase the damage, nor do they have a corresponding feature.

The current branch of the psychic occupation since the biochemical system, then it is said that the skills should be paired with lightning, but currently there is no skill related to the lightning staff, and the fire-breathing, which has to be said a bit strange …

You should know that in most games positioning, the mage is a life value is very low, shield is very high, melee is very weak but long-range output powerful occupation, which is commonly known as the glass cannon. But dark tide in the mage’s staff in general are very weak, take a full career common automatic pistol, its output are far higher than the profession’s exclusive staff.

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