Change the Function of the Drakegun and Flamestorm Staff

I never liked how they works. Hold the right mouse button to charge up, and then left mouse button to spew the fire based on how much you charged up.

So, my suggestion is “just hold the button to spew”.

  • Just Hold the Button to Spew
  • Same as Now

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Why are you making a slightly tweaked duplicate of another one of your posts?


it’d definitely feel better to just hold the button but the charge up exists to keep the weapon from becoming insanely overpowered, so I don’t think it’s really something they can reasonably change


Melee, you made the exact same post yesterday with the exact same poll. The poll showed that maybe one person agreed with your suggestion while everyone else gave strong evidence for the flamestorm staff and drakegun to maintain their current mechanics while offering very poor reasoning for the change.

It appears that you have removed that topic and replaced it with this one. For what reason I can’t imagine but to me it feels lacking in integrity. You didn’t like the response you got from the last post so you deleted it and tried to make it again and now you’re getting the same response.

I responded to your last post explaining the mechanics are balanced for the power you get from the staff, but I’ll explain it again here as you have wiped my, as well as everyone else’s opinion on the matter away.

Again, the power for crowd control you get from the staff and drakegun is balanced with the mechanic of charging the spell or weapon, expecting a hoard that’s coming your way to help burn it back. It’s a staff that requires planning. Personally I love the feel of charging the Flamestorm staff, like channeling the direct power of Aqshy itself. The payoff for landing a full charge on an incoming wave of rats or other enemies is one of the most satisfying feelings a staff has, and that comes from the charging mechanic. To me, they are the most satisfying weapons of their categories (Drakefire Weaponry or Staves).

The charging mechanic makes you plan and think about how much of a charge you have time to produce. There is already a spew mechanic in the weapons in the form of a left click, It does high damage and high knockback. And I’ll say it again (as I said in your last post) that if you don’t like the charge time, run the staff on BW with Rechannel, run on high overcharge, and you get a full charge in under a second. If you don’t like it with Drakegun, run Drakefire pistols and hold right click while you left click away hoards of enemies.

The weapons this post is about do not need to be changed in the slightest. They are weapons that require careful planning in return for massive damage output. What you’re asking for is making them way, way, WAY too powerful in relation to the damage output they already do.

If you don’t like they way they work, don’t use them. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from; choose one of the other ones.


If there’s some tweaks with?

it’d need to be a total rework of the weapon. dunno how that’d go

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Ok, thank you anyway!

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I hate the charging part of the flamethrower. It feels completely unnatural.

I would be okay with the instant fire spewing IF it does a flat damage rate and DoT is reduced and increase overcharge at a much faster rate while also preventing the flamethrower from getting the Heat Sink or Thermal Equalizer traits (just to be on the safe side). In other words, you might be able to spew fire instantly but you won’t be able to hold it down indefinitely without blowing up.

That could potentially prevent the weapon from being overused, overspammed, and overpowered.

I remember during the CBT that Sienna’s flamestrom staff had infinite range but it was so weak in terms of damage. Then FS increased damage and stagger and it basically made a joke of Legend. Now, I hardly ever see any Sienna with a flamethrower.

They just need to fix the instant left click attack when you get hit while already shooting, wastes time and delays further weapon switch and wastes overcharge. Also kind of weird how you can fully charge it, shoot for half a second and then have to charge it again to fire again but it still costs the full amount to charge.


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