The Private match restriction on penances was a mistake

I just have no way to do them as someone who can’t find a group to play with on this game, I have a hard time making friends and I have to assume a lot of the people who play this game are in the same boat, these penances are now locked arbitrarily and unavailable to people like me as are the cosmetics attached. One thing that would be nice is currently the penance that gives you the purple rarity pants is just like do 10 malice missions and maybe switching what these give you for each class so the final helmet cosmetics aren’t locked behind having friends to play a game you cannot recommend in its current state


Very true.

But to be fair the new cosmetics shop has recolored versions of all redacted cosmetics, so you can just cough up ordo dockets for them.

(some of the blue versions are much nicer than red/black anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

Have you tried asking people to do these penances with you?
On the forums or on the official darktide discord?

I have not used the darktide discord in a few months but i would assume that you can still find groups there.

I found people to help me do them by asking on the mourningstar, the official darktide discord and the steam discussion area of the darktide community hub. May take a bit of time to get a full team but you should be able to find folks this way.

This change really pisses me off because I spend a lot of time helping people with their achievements after they just asked nicely in chat. But now that it’s my turn I’m locked out of getting it. Forming a private party is harder than it sounds because all of my friends uninstalled this game months ago and “just find people on this entirely unrelated third party social media app” is not a reasonable solution.


Yeah I feel like this should have been locked at the very least AFTER they release the solo mod.

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