The other unlisted voice actor videos?

A few weeks ago someone on the Steam disscussion board posted this video, an unlisted one, showing the voice actor for Saltz:
The same for Kruber’s voice actor was posted later too:

I am wondering if anyone knows and/or has the links to the other 3 voice actors. Especially Kerillian’s voice actor, Alix Wilton Regan.

Thanks in advance.



Cool videos though. The voice acting really makes the game. It’s crazy how far games have come. Is anyone here old enough to remember the first Resident Evil on PS1? My god the voice acting was atrocious…



I don’t think any of these were ever released.

I’m quite sure this is the full list:
Vermintide Voice Actor | James Hogg - Cheering Clanrats
Vermintide Voice Actor | James Hogg - Startled Clanrats
Vermintide Voice Actor | Nicolette McKenzie - The Handler
Vermintide Voice Actor | David Shaw Parker - The Inn Keeper

Plus the two you already linked yourself.


Anyways, I disagree. Not all voice acting from 90s to early 00s was bad. The voice actor for SHODAN, in system shock, was the most memorable thing I have ever experienced in video games.

Another good one is legacy of kain, some of the most superb voice acting in video games.


omg, I forgot about them, Such great games <3 Kain and Raziel the soul reaper, such a great series. Played all of them so many times.


Legacy of Kain was my jaam.

“What, no mug of ale for a weary traveller from distant Coorhagen? I can reward you well, for I am of noble blood!”

They were unlisted as they were part of an embedded feature in our V1 Dev Blogs, although agreed, they could have just been listed (but it’s somewhat a tradition now).

I had a work in progress set of interviews I was working on, a very early version can be seen here for Kruber/Dan:

Sadly with the limited size of the team, we never had time to either finish this one or begin the remaining ones.


Thanks for the reply, Hedge. Given what you said at the end I’d like to ask, albeit a small chance I guess now, any video(s) of Kerillian’s voice acting?

Regrettably it’s not raw footage we’re in possession of. I’ll give you an exclusive preview of her interview, though! World first. Audio only.

The questions were the same as the Dan Mersh interview posted above.


Thanks for this Hedge! :smiley:

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Forget the Ubersriek 5 (or 4… it doesn’t matter).

I’m all for the voice actors behind the Skaven, especially the ones on fire.


They were published! You can spot 'em in the devblogs on Wayback Machine if you’re highly motivated. When VT2 rolled around they wiped out a lot of earlier pages.


Interesting interview. I guess the ability to be rude is indeed refreshing for a voice actor.

I know, I meant specific clips for Kerillian, which weren’t in there.

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I have heard Kerillian mad shouting at a washing machine and traffic. My life is hereby complete.

EDIT: Complete enough to commit necromancy on a 2 year old post, apparently. I am not ashamed.

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