The next new coming ranged weapon for Saltzpyre: Duck Foot Pistol

Hah, I love this thread:

“There is this weapon we only have seen an image of. BUT I think it will be to weak (and totally should be buffed to nuke away at least five Chaos Warriors per barrel)”


Okri, Please!
Try not to forget it’s a video game
The way it looks and performs might very.
Maybe it’s a shotty, maybe it’s ricochet rail-gun, maybe it buffs party members with blessed Sigmar salt…

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were awesome!

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I understand you are upset but the things you said are a little extreme

Please be the bigger person

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I’m tired to being a damn punch bag. I’m a person too, a human that has an emotion.

I am only mirroring that you are literally asking for a buff for a weapon which is not yet released.

I have no sympathy for you continuously trying to ruin the game by asking for power creep. If you can not take criticism in any form (especially in such a light form, and especially since i didnt say something about you but the thread) then you should maybe refrain from using a forum.

I have also no sympathy for you wishing death to ANY person. You had to chance to react in a civilized manner. You had to chance to bring in constructive criticism. You have decided against both of it. The fault lies within you. Accept it.

I actually thought @Adelion comment was addressed widely at a number of comments in the thread that were making assumptions about how it works, not specifically at you, and to be fair it is indeed too early to judge how strong they’ll be.

@semn007 comment was really just pointing out that looks might not dictate function, so to be honest I’m struggling to see how that’s offensive or targeting you at all.

I really feel like you’re reading much more malice into these comments than there actually is. Try to take a step back and see that disagreement doesn’t have to be personal. Nobody here attacked you personally or wished ill fortune upon you like you now have upon them. Your reply honestly seems extremely uncalled for when viewed side by side with the comments you’re taking issue with. Please try and separate criticism of your ideas with criticism of yourself, they are not the same thing and any healthy discussion requires acceptance of some disagreement. Being a bit tongue in cheek does not make someone a bully. It feels like we’re reading completely different comments from the extremity of your reaction.


And we’ll all get purged in a holy Sigmar retribution one day!

… but for realz sorry if u got hurt… life’s tough.


You’re not a punching bag because people disagree with you. Show some backbone.

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