The new DLC on Xbox One has made the game entirely unplayable

Ever sense the launch of the DELAYED DLC the game hasn’t been functional. Each time a game is started you load in for 2 seconds then disconnect from either the host or the server, and in some cases you’re just completely ejected back to the Xbox home screen because the game crashed! Additionally I didn’t even get the new hero portrait or skins for purchasing the DLC! I absolutely love the game and was more than thrilled at the venture of additional content but this is unacceptable, especially with the intital launch being delayed to “bring it up to fatshark standards and to address performance issues”. It’s baffling that it was allowed to launch in such a state and that it still has yet to be remedied.


got the same issue, wasn’t able to finish a single run since dlc was launched, got disconnected at some point :confused: every time and it was like 8 games, please fix this :confused:

Same problem, I ended up reinstalling the game no random disconnects after that…except now when teammates use the chat wheel then its a guarantee disconnect. I think FS knows and are working on a hotfix.

You unlock the portraits by completing the new maps. And the new skins, and weapon illusions come from the bög DLC boxes which you get from your weekly or doing the DLC achievements.

We hear your concerns and we’ll be patching soon to address the most pressing issues. I’ll update with an ETA as soon as I can.

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