The most important green circle is

The green circle at your feet that tells you you’re in the wrong place, and that unless you or your teammates take out that blightstormer you are going to have a bad time.

Also, why does the size of the circle vary so much?


I think the size depends on how much open space it has. Vortexes in closed spaces seem smaller.

I thought you were talking about the green circle in the book on a bench in the sewer area by the second tome on Convocation of Decay. Does it do anything at all? I know it’s not a grim or tome thing, but what can it be? (maybe just a copy-pasted blightstormer book, but that would be boring)

I thought the circle size varies depending on what difficulty you’re playing on. On Recruit they’re tiny, on Legend they’re freakin’ massive. Although they do vary somewhat within the same difficulty, I think @birdman is right that they adapt to the space.

yea there’s inconsistency in how they’re being drawn - to me at least. it doesn’t matter what difficulty i’m playing in, sometimes they’re small, sometimes they’re big. sometimes it overlaps with cliffs and you can only see a small part of the circle perimeter, sometimes you can see the full small circle on the ground. kinda wierd.

i think they should draw a semi-transparent coloured circle for a projected texture imo. shade the whole floor circle tinted green

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Don’t you think the most important green circle is that one that leads into Norsca ? 0_o you know that little one where armies are supposed to pass through into our world 0_0


It’s based on how far away he is. The closer he is, the smaller the circle, the further away, the bigger. Size of the tornado itself doesn’t change. Unsure if it has a chance of spawning anywhere in the circle (as if he had worst precision at long range) or if it’s always centered.

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Heyyyy that actually makes a lot of sense and just based on my memory of storms seems accurate. Holy cow that’s helpful for figuring out where they are at.

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