Far away Blightstormers not taggable?

On big maps or big areas with long lines of sight, Blightstormers can spawn on a super far away cliff, even if you see them they are not always taggable, is this intended or not? Or is a tag just super inaccurate on long distances? If you use potato settings you might also not even be able to see it and only see the casting lines.

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There’s definitely a limit to tagging range. The Field of Sogmire Plot in Against the Grain means the FattyStormers can cast from absolutely miles with no hope of tagging them, especially if they’re on the cliffs to the right as you run through the hayfield and up over the wall before getting the 3rd tome.

Ok that’s what i thought but you never know. Do you happen to know if its intended or not, i can’t remember getting so many far away stormers before, maybe i just pay more attention to it now.

It’s been like that since forever I think. High on the cliffs in Warcamp is another place they spawn in the distance and untaggable/hittable.

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