The Most Dangerous Foe of All

I can make it through a Champion run without dying. But ladders in this game are the bane of my existence.

The ladder at the beginning of Into the Darkness routinely causes me to get stuck when I climb onto it. All I can do is try to jump backwards off of it, but all this does is release my grip and cause me to fall all the way to the bottom. The fall damage is enough to down you depending on what class you’re playing.

On Halescourge, after the first grim location, the ladder going up into the tower where the tome is located on the bookshelf is extremely hard to actually climb down.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one this happens to, because I see randos having the same problems frequently and all my friends who I play with affirm experiencing the same exact glithiness in the same exact places.

It’s not game breaking, but it is incredibly annoying. Has the dev team been made aware of this and has anyone heard if there are plans afoot to remedy this problem?

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in “Into the Darkness” are you jumping to the ladder to go down? This will cause it prevent you from going down. Just walk to the ladder, nothing fancy.

For Halescourge, just walk off but turn your camera down towards the ladder. It’s all about camera positioning and you should be fine.

The only bug would be jumping to a ladder to walk down it. It does cause some clipping issues, other than that. Just practice more and becareful.

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The only trouble I had was the ladder leading up from under the bridge on “Into the nest” - it is impossible to ascend cleanly when playing Bardin.

I usually just walk onto the ladders… but it’s possible that some of the problems I’ve encountered have been because of the way I moved onto it, so I’ll make a point to approach them more carefully in light of what you’re saying.

I’ll try those things out. Thanks for the pointers!

Well, I learned yesterday, that if an assassin rat pounces on you while climbing a ladder, you fall through the ground and die :confused:

Side note: it also kills the assassin XD

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