Bardin vs. Ladders

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Since I have completed everything on Kruber, I decided to branch out and play little Kruber (aka Bardin).

Every single time I try to climb a ladder, I get stuck at the top. It feels like Bardin’s foot gets stuck on the ladder and the only way to break free is to go back down or jump off to my death. It takes me 3-4 attempts to successfully get off the ladder at the top.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Be Bardin. Climb any ladder.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    Every single time.


Yeah Little Fellas Greatest Enemy, getting thumped while on a ladder.

I find he needs to be absolutely straight facing the ladder. A little angle and he does the little stupid jig at the top. Been in the game since day 1 I think though…


I feel like I start up the ladder straight until I get to the top. It’s a really weird feeling in the game to get stuck especially when I never had climbing issues before with Krubz.

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I feel like it’s good to look more up when you want to go of the ladder with him but dont really know at the beginning I had a problem with that aswell but now I just do it intuitively I guess


Thanks! I’ll try that!

Hope it works out

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