A suggestion to improve ladders

Ladders are currently fairly frustrating, there’s a reason why players only ever use a single ladder in the game going downwards while all others are only used for going up. Even when using ladders only for going up, players can still get stuck on the top of the ladder, stuck in a cycle of regrabbing the ladder.

So I want to suggest this: Give players a small momentum boost forwards and make them unable to interact with ladders for half of a second when reaching the top of a ladder and climbing off.

This is to avoid the frustrations of regrabbing ladders and leaving yourself vulnerable because of some stupid ladders. A video example below.

I’m not sure how I’d go about to fix the halescourge ladder at the second grim, every time you use that ladder to go down you’re gambling with whether or not you’ll actually stick to the ladder to go down.
For this one I can only suggest making that area a no-fall-damage area, I don’t know what else would work reliably.


Мe as Dwarf and my bot as Dwarf greatly approve of all ladder improvement ideas. :station:

In fact: sometimes we even loose because the enemies pushed me into the ladder and I got stuck there and died. Also need to do something about this.


Agreed that something needs to be done about exiting ladders at the top. Also sometimes you fight near a ladder and accidently walk up (which leaves you completely without defense), there needs to be more of a “dead angle” for climbing ladders unless you’re jumping or something.

As for going down ladders… this is an annoying bit in tons of games for some reason, at least there’s a workaround in V2 where you can just jump and skip the climb and fall safely from any height


I want to hijack this just to add that I’ve been getting really weird bugs with ladders in the past couple weeks that I haven’t ever seen before and was wondering if it’s just me. It depends on the host, but when I climb up a ladder sometimes as getting to the top the game just won’t let me climb all the way up. It takes forever to eventually get to the top.

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I never understood why there is no keybinding to use the ladder, like ‘E’ for example. This would prevent accidential use, would solve getting stuck on top, would be easier… well, let’s say safer to go down.


i agree. pressing e to use a ladder would remove most of the annoyances with ladders.


I like the idea of stairs as an activatable object too. As I said, I repeatedly got stuck in the stairs and died in such a miserable way. :sweat_drops:

The problem, however, is that actually need to re-teach bots to use stairs. And to make it work well and without a hitch. They already put on a freak show about every second ladder. :skull_and_crossbones:


Well bots are a whole different story and you probably know best :sweat_smile: I’m not even sure if you need to teach em such changes, they probably “just” need a fix for the upper part of the ladder… well next to all the other problems they run into.

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Yes. Been my #1 complaint

I hate getting stuck on the ladder in the tower in Halescourge and I hate playing as Bardin and going up ladders and essentially getting so stuck on them that I end up getting propelled off and falling to my death.

I also hate accidentally dodging into one and getting stuck in the climbing mode while I’m fighting and thus getting rekd.