Ladder in Halescourge, weird awkward mecanism


What happened to the ladder in the small tower, with the tome, in Halescourge, It’s not ergonomic at all !

Please read this :

Bosses can go up now, it’s ok but imagine you want to go down with this awkward mecanism, you can’t !

Personnally I know how to take ladders to go down, you have to stand in front of it, and press the key to go forward, but really it’s not handy… and many people have difficulties with it.

[For this ladder, do it slowly (very slowly by walking or while crouching)

But the way you reworked this one, make it even harder to take, it’s half buggy. Can’t even simply fall from the hole.

Haha Fatshark ><;


The first time I met the new ladder, i just fell down in the middle somehow without any problem, after seeing that 2 of my teammates are dropping a party up there :smiley:

We’re aware this ladder is a pain in the butt, we’re working on it! :slight_smile:

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