The Meat Grinder is great, but missing Monsters

When I first went into the meat grinder, I was super, super hyped that this was the bestiary from VT2 but better. Able to test out weapons against specific enemies and test out (and get feedback) on specific locations on enemies was just more then I was hoping for.

There’s only one thing missing though. I have no idea what kind of armor monsters have. I’m guessing that it’s carapace, but I really have no clue.

When you hit a target it will say what type of armor you hit.

So far the helmet of the Mauler and the Crusher are the only carapace I have found.

THE most important add is the Poxbuster, both because knowing how much damage it takes to kill is primo, and so you can take damage and test out toughness regen abilities.

The thing is, the monsters (Daemonhost, Beast of Nurgle, and Plague Ogryn) are not in the meat grinder, which is what this post is about. I have no idea what armor they use for sure, because they’re not in there.

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