Enemy Type Clarification?

Good morning! Is there some sort of in-game clarification of what all the enemy types are? The game throws a lot of different terminology around, such as Elites, Scabs, Dregs, Terrors, and etc, both for in-class feat purposes and for feat accomplishments, but I haven’t seen anything in-game to specifically delineate which enemy types are what.

Tagging SOME of the specials in the Meat Grinder can help, but even that appears almost inconsistent (if scabs are heavily armored with black plate and dregs usually have lighter armor, why do we have two types of rager that are both marked dregs even though one has the scab armor style?). And there’s nothing explaining what a terror is, TECHNICALLY not what a monstrosity is, and etc.

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No lol, welcome to Fatshark games.

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I wish they explained it, and I’m quite surprised it doesn’t since iirc they didn’t want players to have to look stuff up being the justification for bars instead of numbers for weapons. Which they also don’t explain. I still don’t know what ‘mobility’ or ‘finesse’ is.

Kill 3 Terrors, Kill 5000 Terrors

They don’t even know themselves xD


Yea, so true.
Damage, first target dmg like for Axe, Axe with one target hits, wtf? :exploding_head:
Power, Damage? it’s the same or something else?
Or Critic hit mass? what does it mean if the opponent has any weight?

Then you choose the most clarified and clear attributes because you don’t know what rest is all about

Yeah, I would have thought that 300 hours in VT2 would have helped me understand the logic, but this is an entirely new setting and I’m a bit lost :sweat_smile: