The higher your Heroes are the longer you take to get crates

So i have 2 lvl 30 heroes and 3 ~lvl15 heroes and it’s taking longer to get boxes and once you get them level 30 the commendation boxes take longer to get because leveling from 30 to 30+1 is same amount has to level 29 to level 30.
I’m just worried i’m not getting enough crafting materials to make my leveling enjoyable as it was with lower levels.
i got 120 hours of gameplay and i’m getting abit tired of the progression.
What are your thoughts guys?


You can always spam lower difficulties to get crafting materials?

I feel ya. I have a Sienna that I keep lvl 8 just to open veteran loot boxes on for the crafting materials. Having to force my self to play veteran on my higher lvl characters that are all lvl 30 just to get greens is draining and tedious. The speed run trick with the Handmaiden dash ability on Against the grain veteran difficulty doesn’t always give you guaranteed greens too.

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that’s actually a nice idea but at some point i want to level everything to 30.

I have been wondering, do the XP for 30+ levels require a fixed amount of XP, or does it scale further up from there?

Yea you are right!..
You can do this in the deepest hell of boredom…

It’s a fixed ammount

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