The chip damage to your health from melee attacks needs to be removed

The core gameplay (kill baddies) is good. The gameplay loop (play game, get progression, receive rewards) is pretty garbage.


I think you’re being too generous with your expectations. What we have is pretty much what release is going to be, minus a few hotfixes and broader content (i.e. maps, missions, weapons).


Come and join us on the higher difficulties, where 10 hp can maek or break a run hahaha


Depending on how they built the framework for assigning rewards they should be able to adjust rewards based on the modifier or secondary objective.

If the rewards are hard coded regardless of what the modifier or secondary objective is (which is how it looks at the moment, how else would you explain getting the same reward for both making a mission harder or easier) and only scale with difficulty, then that’s a really lazy and rigid design.


Hard agree. This is a core gameplay issue I see hurting newer players on higher difficulties/grim runs. If you have no idea why your health is getting chipped down, and grims have already taken 2/3 your health bar, you WILL die. The chip damage is an obtuse mechanic that only hurts newer players who don’t realize how safe you need to play, and the tutorial flat out communicates the opposite of this: toughness should keep you safe from hp damage.


100% agree. Chip damage through Toughness needs to be removed before launch.


Something other people have brought up in different threads: Having chip damage go through Toughness makes some classes’ feats and abilities next to worthless.

Zealot is the big one, because their death-save is effectively pointless because of this.
Sharpshooter’s Covering Fire is another one. Giving your ally Toughness by shooting enemies close to them sounds great, except it doesn’t actually do anything because they’ll take health damage anyway.

Healing is also noticeably rarer than in VT. The only two options you have is Medicae stations, which are use-limited and cannot be taken with you, and health packs, which won’t heal corruption and are very rare.

Healing by going down has been brought up, but that’s not a solution. Every time you go down you lose 1/3rd of your max health (without curios that grant Wounds), not to mention that you’re out of the fight until your teammates can revive you, and that just means you’re going to fall faster next time. Not to mention that if half your health is corrupted Snipers will one-shot you.


One of the issues is that Toughness in notably less powerful than Temporary HP from VT2.

In VT2, the more HP you’ve lost, the more temp HP you can get to compensate, up to your old maximum. Essentially, the more mistakes you’ve made, the more mistakes you can make in the future (if you can generate a lot of temp HP).

And it’s very easy to effectively generate temp HP with a few pieces of equipment or certain talents. It does not require your team to be within 10 meter of each other.

No matter how much health you’ve lost or has been corrupted, toughness does not get any better (maybe for the Preacher it does? Idk)


Sure do agree! At the VERY least, the tooltip needs to tell people about chip damage. But if Fatshark really cares about what players have to say, they need to get rid of the chip damage entirely. Having corruption from certain attacks is fine by itself. I don’t know why toughness is so gimped mechanically considering it lasts like 1.5 hits from a poxwalker on higher difficulties.

My bad for posting a more specific version of this thread. That one somehow has people arguing that Zealot Preacher isn’t MEANT to be played on low health so melee chip damage is fine.


A lot of these changes from closed beta seems like “fun-detected: nerf in progress”. This isn’t an e-sport / competitive pvp game.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if game-play-related cash-shop items were added later, like stat boosters, ways to get gear, etc.


You only go for them if you have weekly assignments and i would recommend you all to only take one grim and jsut grind it out. Going out with no Grims when you die does not grant progess.

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I full heartedly agree. I love corruption as a mechanic, and I love that pox walkers can inflict it on you in melee. I’m comfortable with that in itself being a challenge and form of chip dmg to make their hordes dangerous.

It makes sense and it’s loreful.

That said, the chip dmg on all melee is absolutely bonkers and its way too punishing unnecessarily. What even is the point of toughness really or gearing for it if this is the case. Remove the chip dmg from melee across the board.


Yeah, this was one the second most irritating thing after being unable to actually dodge with ranged weapons in the cbt; the game specifically telling you one thing, and then doing the opposite. The game makes a very specific point that toughness stops damage from affecting your health. I even checked this in the psykenarium tutorial, where it does the demonstration of toughness-get close to the bot and it bayonets you, and you don’t take toughness damage.

Yet in the actual game, it’s a different set of rules.


Psykanium still says that Psyker’s ability fully removes all warp buildup too.


Totally agree. it is maddening. it feels like a punishment for every player but specifically a casual player who doesnt have the time to practice dodging every single melee attacker. if this consists ill be happily refunding my imperial addition before release day. if they want to add this at higher levels to make it that much harder then maybe but i still think this shouldnt be a thing. there are way more ways to make things harder without this kind of un fun stupidity.


I really like the idea in principle; I thought it completely ******** that in VT2, Zealots would lose their green health as fast as possible to get the maximum bonus possible, and then stay there.
Where’s the risk for that reward?
That said, it seems that toughness already adresses this partially, as it is already on top of regular health, and not a replacement for it.
Though I already commented on the “you shouldn’t die with toughness > 0” thread about it.
I can see how it is a poorly explained mechanic that doesn’t work well with so many ranged enemies, though Zealot is not really on my mind. If the class is too weak, surely there are other issues to fix first.
Though as I didn’t really consider that, the chip damage should affect either current health or max health, not both. Probably just current.


The way I found out the chip damage from melee was from attempting the “Take No Health Damage” penance. They might as well change that to “Never get hit” if you take minimum 1 damage from every hit even with max toughness…


The risk was that if you don’t keep up your THP you die. Unlike toughness THP was not just a constant thing that you had, you needed to actually build it up by fighting in melee, and it decayed over time instead of regenerating.


Please Fatshark… just look at how popular this and the other post called “damage still gets through toughness” are.

Pleeeeeaaase get rid of bleed through damage. Just make toughness a straight up shield that only regens the way it does now. I’m even ok with the fact that fire completely ignores toughness and starts cursing you.

AT THE VERY LEAST, make the last 1hp immune to toughness bleed through so you can AT LEAST THEORETICALLY clutch a game as a zealot when everyone else is dead. Right now it is categorically impossible on difficulty 4 and 5.


zealot has too many feats that incentivize staying at low hp, I’m not sure how those people overlook that