The Chilling Zone

As we are currently playing the Vermintide 2 - Versus Alpha Version in the Big Balance Beta Subforum, we may or may not (feel free to ignore) need a chilling zone where we are just nice to each other and do not talk about balance. Feel free to post pointess quips you don’t expect an answer for.

I went running today. A laughable 7 km run. It was painful O.o
Also, bought recently a Dance Mat. Ignoring the sublime feebleness I would require (which I don’t), would it be theoretically possible to play Vermintide on it. I have four direction buttons and four additional button. Which actions do I absolutely need?

  • Attack button
  • Block button
  • Quickswap button
  • Active Skill Button
    I could neither jump nor dodge though. Dodge I can set to double-tap? Is that possible. Still couldn’t jump. Is there any point in the game (aside from Grims) where you HAVE TO jump?



Here’s the cutest thing I have on my phone:

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I think Halescourge has a spot or two that may require jumping over a gap or rubble. Dark Omens has a spot I remember jumping over like 3/4 through the map but I haven’t played the map enough to know if that’s required or if you can take the lower path. Festering Ground has a buboe that might be impossible to see without jumping. There may be other examples as well but these are what come to my mind right now.


Yes you can indeed.

The dodge thing might be detrimental in some maps, though you can always just walk to your keyboard and manually jump, then go back to the dance pad. I think the biggest killer is going to be ‘turning around’, though, haha.

This sounds like a great way to exercise while having fun though, nice.


Don’t use quick-swap. Play Slayer or GK and have dodge. Oh or double tap.

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Hm. Hmmm. Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm O.o
Okay, I knew I forgot something fundamental. I can move in the level but I cant change viewing direction … I would at least need two buttons more.

Sigh, I have to accept that is is not possible like this. So Fatshark, I need a Vermintide railshooter or a straight dance dance iteration.

@Fatshark_Hedge April’s Fool 2021: Vermintide 2 - Dance Dance Revolution

Make the dream come true!


can’t you use a jpad analog stick for looking around?


Of course I could. But it would feel weird. Not that dancing Vermintide would feel weird at all … I would need something less gamepaddy, something more like the Nintendo Wii controllers and wireless. That could work. I think DDR is the better solution :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does that Tobii Eye Tracker turn your character?

This seems like a lot of effort to get around the fact you’re exercising lol…

ngl, I’d love a VR headset version of V2.


Don’t know. I think I don’t have Tobii Eye Tracker.

Pssst. I don’t exercise. I just make fancy screenshots (honestly this one took longer than it should >.<)