The Carnival skybox feels too empty

While I was playing the new level a few times I kept getting this vague feeling of “wrongness”, like being motion sick. It took me a while to figure out why, but I think it’s the skybox. The carnival skybox is an “infinite” distance away, but also encloses the whole map at the same time, the result is that moving around the map feels like you’re on an island floating in space.

Spireside maps don’t have this problem because the skybox is literally the sky, it doesn’t feel strange for your view to stretch off infinitely into space. On other maps like smelter complex or missions in the torrent you are fully enclosed at all times and you can see a hard ceiling just by looking up. The carnival map is caught in an awkward middle ground between the two because it merely pretends you are in an enclosed space.

Overall the map feels somewhat unfinished and I think it would be well worth the time to add more ambient terrain to stop it from feeling like you’re inside a dyson sphere.

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