The Carnival map is cool, but

Normal gameplay for me is to log in and hop on Damnation level Quick Play. This gets me challenging play time and bonus loot. Rotation is usually 3-4 different maps on timers to swap out.

Since the Traitor’s Curse patch, Quickplay is now 100% The Carnival. The Carnival map does not rotate out and you’ll never see another map unless you queue for a specific non-Carnival map.

Total Guess Theory: Quickplay will match you with an open lobby to fill it. So many are queueing for The Carnival that it effectively breaks the random map as there is always an unfilled open lobby for this map.

I’m not sure what the fix is, but my options now are to only play The Carnival or force select another map and forfeit my bonus loot.

Maybe just give bonus loot for any pick-up group where you are teamed with randoms?

Why make another thread? The other one about this same thing is right above you.

Your theory is indeed correct.
Because Quickplay prioritizes already ongoing missions and because people most play (and fail) the Carnival, that means you have a very high likelihood of getting put into the Carnival.

Anyway, just don’t use quickplay then. You can still select other missions.

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