The BOTs/ NPC Allies

This is just gonna be a short post, but whenever ever we jump into the game, the BOTs that help us out all look the same, outfits, faces, and maybe weapons too, so why not fill the ranks with our other created characters then? We have four slots for character creation right? Why not fill the party with them as one of the random choices then?

Maybe even friends we made in-game too?

Ok, this might be a long post, so hear me out on this one then, if we have friends in-game, their characters might appear as NPCs during missions too while they aren’t online. And depending if we survive it or not, when they log back in, they might get hit with a log-in bonus because their character participated in a mission as a BOT.

They don’t earn any trust points to increase their rank, but they did earn some extra credits at least.

But again, this is random, or we can have a recruiting station to add these NPCs into our party to cut down the randomness, but it won’t be cheap, for good NPCs with better gear we need credits, or we can go with the random prisoners and test our luck as usual lol XD

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