The armory system is hugely disrespectful to the players

This system literally treats us like rats in a skinner box, trying to condition us to log hourly for our chance at a piece of cheese. This is not only un-fun but hugely disrespectful to us and our time.

I have bought all of the DLC s for Vermintide 2, played it for over 700 hours, only to be treated like this. It honestly feels like a betrayal of trust. Shame on you, Fatshark.


Its a rubbish system. they thought they could use the 40k franchise to make a system that would make money, but they did it at the expense of player fun. stupid decisions. same with the penances. whoever designed this stuff is not a good person. wont be getting my money. Too many things in this game just scream that whoever designed it wanted it to give the players a big a fk you and laugh about it.

Completely agree it sucks and people who played the beta said it sucks in the beta feedback forums. Guess they didn’t listen or don’t care what we think.


very much seems like they dont. we are only here to boost the stats for investors. they used the franchise to just say fk you. thats what it feels like.

Another thing that feels like a step backwards compared to Vermintide.