The Animation of Executioner Sword's First Two Light Attacks are Slow

I always felt something of this weapon is awkward/off. And I know what it is clearly.

It was the speed of first two light attacks swing.

If you can’t notice, see those in 3rd person.

Anyway, the 1st light attack is a bit slow. And 2nd light attack is awkwardly more slow.

So, I think the animation of 1st and 2nd swings are should be fast as 3rd light attack, or its push attack.

noticed a bit of a delay myself not sure if its what you have said i.e. the swords hit, the dummies in the keep, twice based on the sound they make for one attack like its hit armour and a body instead of through armour and into body…

Well, I never noticed that one. So, like… when you hit something, the effect sound for that comes out twice for one hit?

And what I saying is just it’s swing animation is awkwardly slow (1st and 2nd light attacks). And it’s more noticeable when you see those animations in 3rd person.

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