The Accessibility issues in Vermintide

tbh Zaphio’s mod is pretty well balanced (maybeeee the maximum range of hearing needs a slight tuning down) but in testing it, it most certainly wasn’t a game breaker outside letting me “hear” things that aren’t actually playing sounds when they ought to such as silent packmasters

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Well yes, i’m not against that.

i was just discussing details with dead_ranger on how it does affect balance when he said it’s not an issue. I’m just getting stuck on details, as i like to be correct and show all sides where possible.

And yes i think the mod should be in the game, along side more accessibilty options. I’m not being againsts accessibilty options here, might seem that way because i’m talking about balance, don’t want to be missunderstood.

Oh it does play sounds of completely silent specials? thats nice.

But yes, i’m completely fine with the mod going live right now. i have no issue.

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only when they’re SUPPOSED TO be playing sounds, yeah

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I would like some accessibility options available as I always seem to be assassin bait because I cannot hear them due to being partially hearing impaired.

how would you intend to balance it? it is not against fatsharks intentions for specials to make sound when they spawn (as ssen in a previous update, that unfortunately got removed when there were a few players who complained that they couldnt hear certain sounds when it happened). is it within fatsharks intentions for a globadier to be completely silent before and while throwing a globe (which only makes sound when its very close while in the air)?

A few changes have also been made to Vermintide 2’s Chaos enemies - Marauders have had their cleave hit mass reduced by 25 per cent, meaning they block less incoming damage to adjacent enemies mcdvoice

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