Accessibility options tab - visuals for restictions

Hello and welcome to this bit of a rant and address of the game we all play, made by developers who brought us the beloved Vermintide 2 and this gorgeous 40k-styled Darktide

Straight to the points, I shall go:

The HEADBOBBING slider has been removed since testing of the game.
-It helped with the people who easily get Motion Sickness,
-t helped with people who are inclined to Epilepsy,
-it helped people who love to play in an efficient no headbobbing style,
-it helped people who wanted realism of heavy headbobs,
-honestly cannot remember if it had any heavy effect on the game performance,
^ All in all this option as a slider has been an amazing feature as I know me and 2 of my other friends out of 6 people who played Darktide together, both in testing and at release.

Graphic settings of Video: BLOOM - another setting that should be slider or few options
-it obviously helped with Epilepsy riddled folk as they got a chance to play game with less triggering flashes
-it helped efficiency players
-still adds to the impressiveness as well as making it easier to immerse into game (therefore why slider as it is more of an accessibility than the actual video

Personally, I am all up and wanting for the Accessibility tab of the Video options to return, because I remember how awesome it was to be able to play games together with my fellow 40k enjoyers during the testing, despite all of its unpolishedness.
In my own, epilepsy-riddled mind I was quite happy with it.
and with my cocktail of meds, I have yet so far not been dragged down into a heavy seizure by this game. (unlike a certain title by Bungie who despite accessibility bits threw me into a nearby heating radiator and caused me to bleed and foam while gaming with 2 other of friends - thanks Destiny 2).

It is disheartening to see people writing in the forums back in 22 how ‘‘Epileptics shouldn’t play the game lol course there’s the warning on start’’ - no, it just means we are to take the advice of our own doctor and our own insight.

So, Fatshark developers - harken to thine hearts please, and return back the Accessibilities in the options, allowing a rough estimation of 35-42% of gaming population to adjust the setting of headbobbing to either on or off, or go with a slider, allowing EVERYONE to adjust it to their preference.
The Bloom is already a part of the game but its to ability on and off are a bit limiting, perhaps intensity of it may be reduced with a new slider or such.

Stay safe and take care of your friends varlets-
your friendly Psyker.